Let a streamline refinance save you money!

VA and FHA Streamline Refinance

A streamline refinance (otherwise known as an IRRRL) allows homeowners with a VA or FHA mortgage to easily lower the interest rate to current market rates.


  • No appraisal required.

  • Limited documentation needed.

  • Skip up to 2 payments!



FHA Refinance Things to Know:

  • Must be a net tangible benefit to the borrower

  • Must wait 210 days from first payment date to be eligible

  • Cannot take “cash out”

VA Refinance Things to Know:

  • Borrower must be able to recoup their refinancing costs within 36 months

  • Rate must be reduced by .50% or more

  • Must wait 210 days from first payment to refinance

  • Cannot have been 30 days late on mortgage payments within the last 12 months

  • You may be able to get all closing costs covered by the lender

Extra Items of Note:

  • IRRRL cannot apply to cash-out refinance

  • No loan other than the existing may be paid from the proceeds

  • If there is a second mortgage holder, the institution must agree to subordinate the lien, so the new loan will be the first mortgage

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